Seven Realms

Jun / Sep. 2019. Exhibition at Sidecar. Barcelona

REALM I The Art of the Sublime and Powerful Woman


Seven Realms ‘A Draft for Renewal’ is a Fine Art exhibition inspired by Anne O Nomis and the theory developed in her book ‘The History & Arts of the Dominatrix’; which is considered the first illustrated treatise on the Dominatrix throughout history and their practices as arts.

Anne O Nomis concludes her research work examining the contemporary occupation of the modern Dominatrix and presenting ‘The Seven Realms Arts’ within a theoretical framework in which the Dominatrix and the practice of domination mutually define each other, giving rise to the idea that each Dominatrix creates its own unique and individual professional and personal profile.


Our proposal is to appreciate ‘The Seven Realms Arts’ theory and to recreate it in a ‘tangible’ way in order to portray women with authority and power as a female archetype within the field of sexuality.

The exhibition will feature seven original works of mixed media and seven flags representing the Seven Realms of the book.

The artists will present the selection of works based on a creative process that will include, but will not be limited to: interviews with members of the BDSM community, exploration and literary research on the subject, as well as observation and personal exploration of the aforementioned practices in the book in order to sustain the content of the artwork.

The exhibition will also feature a series of artworks, tentatively called ‘Footprints’. These works will be created in order to represent physical and emotional experiences lived through the different domination practices presented in the book.

The ‘Footprints’ will be the result of the participation of the artists in BDSM sessions with the aim of creating a set of sensory pieces in 2D and 3D formats.


Our work aims to explore concepts such as sexuality, power, hierarchy and gender relations through the proposal presented by the author Anne O Nomis on her Seven Realms theory.

We believe that the exploration of these concepts, through the archetype of the Dominatrix, could contribute to the (re-) generation and construction of more inclusive and diverse cultural narratives in relation to ‘The Feminine’.

As well as providing knowledge and following the movements that are shaping the paradigm shift of our contemporary times.

Our work then proposes a dialogue in which the feminine is synonymous with sexual authority, thus opening a space where to reflect upon some of the concepts the BDSM culture present as alternatives for the exploration of human relationships in the field of sexuality.

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