Reward for a Virtuous Soul

‘Reward for a Virtuous Soul’ is the story of Mistress Severa’s last chapter from domination to power, where she reincarnates into Inanna.

It is one of the pieces made for the project ‘Seven Realms. A Draft for Renewal’, a project inspired by Anne O Nomis and the theory developed in her book ‘The History & Arts of the Dominatrix’; which is considered to be the first illustrated treatise on the Dominatrix throughout history and their practices as arts.

This project explores concepts such as sexuality, power, hierarchy and gender relations through the archetype of the Dominatrix and aims to contribute to the (re-)generation and construction of more inclusive and diverse cultural narratives in relation to ‘The Feminine’.

The work proposes a dialogue in which the feminine is synonymous with sexual authority, thus opening space to reflect upon some of the concepts presented by BDSM culture as alternatives for the exploration of human relationships.

Gold, red and black silkscreen with watercolor hand finishing on Somerset cream paper, 300gsm, 56cm by 76cm. Signed Limited Edition of 12.