“Our culture is sick because we have lost our sense of belonging and connection.

To address this, we must create new spaces for existence where individuals can find meaning and connection despite feeling lost.

Lunatic Utopia is one such imagined space that utilizes fungi to help us reimagine our cultural horizons and discover new ways of understanding the world.”

“Lunatic Utopia: Cured by the Moon” was an art installation concept developed at the Arts Academy of Latvia. It aimed to address societal disconnection by creating an imagined space on the moon.

The project explored the potential of fungi to improve mental health and well-being, envisioning a moon colony for utopians as a solution. The installation combined various elements, including an 85 cm x 112 cm illustration, a 130 cm x 90 cm x 60 cm mycelium and lava sculpture, and 50 blackand-white A3 collages/posters.

The project proposed the use of lunar resources, such as ice near the poles, to sustain life and myco-architecture, a construction method employing fungal mycelium stronger than reinforced concrete.

Utilizing artificial intelligence, I generated concept images to visualize the lunar utopian colony. “Cured by the Moon” symbolized the cultivation of fungi to enhance human, societal, and environmental resilience, introducing the concept of mycoremediation—a bioremediation technique using fungi to decontaminate the environment.

The installation explored the moon’s gravity, water, and lava tunnels as potential resources, offering insights into transforming the moon into a self-sustaining space. By reevaluating the relationship with madness and harnessing its potential, the project challenged traditional therapeutic methods. “Lunatic Utopia” invited viewers to contemplate an idealized space where everything was perfect, emphasizing the profound connection between humans, nature, and the moon.

Cured by the Moon

FUNGI BASE in the Moon
A COLONY for Utopians

Illustration, 85 cm x 112 cm, photos, collages and animations

Fungi Base in the Moon
Mycelium and lava sculpture
130 cm x 90 cm x 60 cm

Art installation in the Moon
The art project “Lunatic Utopia: Cured by the Moon” is being developed and supervised at the Arts Academy of Latvia

An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.

From the 16th century, the Moon also served to explain changes in mood, as well as certain forms of madness that occurred at intervals, connected to the lunar phases.

The project aims to create a space where we can re-evaluate our relationship with madness and harness its potential, in response to the failure of traditional therapeutic methods. By cultivating fungi, we hope to improve the resilience of individuals, communities, and the environment.

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