Lidia de Pedro is an independent artist and co-founder of Severa Collective, and holds bachelor degrees in both Audiovisual Communication and Sculpture.

Her work contains a lot of symbolism and imagery that challenges traditional ideas or norms. The artist’s work also addresses complex social issues, but does so with a mix of humor and sarcasm.

She incorporates various disciplines, such as drawing, painting, screen printing, photography, graphic design, ceramics, and sculpture, into her work, and experiments with different materials and techniques to express her concepts and ideas.

Over the past decade, the artist has produced an extensive collection of pieces and commissions that range from custom paintings to interactive installations. She has regularly exhibited her work in the UK (Royal College of Art, Ink-d, No Walls Gallery, ArtRepublic, Rhodes Contemporary Art among others) and has participated in several successful solo and group exhibitions alongside renowned international artists.

The artist’s latest exhibition project was titled “SEVEN REALMS: A Draft for Renewal.” It was a collaborative effort with researcher and textile artist María Eva Russo and historian Anne O Nomis, known for her book “The History & Arts of the Dominatrix.” The exhibition took place at La Factoría de Arte y Desarrollo in Madrid.

Her work can be purchased at Enter Gallery – Brighton Art Gallery or by contacting the artist directly via email at


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