SEVEN REALMS. A Draft for Renewal

“SEVEN REALMS. A Draft for Renewal” was a project initiated in 2018 by the Severa Collective, a collaboration between Lidia de Pedro and Maria Eva Russo. The idea for the initiative came from Anne O Nomis’ book, “The History & Arts of the Dominatrix,” which is considered the first illustrated treatise on Dominatrix from a female-dominant perspective. Through this project, De Pedro and Russo sought to investigate and examine the intricate intersections of gender, sex, and power.

The exhibition featured a diverse collection of screenprints, paintings, and ceramics by Lidia de Pedro. Some of the pieces were accompanied by poems written by the artist and author Clara García Fraile. Together, these works formed a hypnagogic journey through the Seven Realm Arts of the Dominatrix, inviting the viewer to create their own narratives and paths. María Eva Russo contributed a series of flags made under the motto “The Flag as a Statement of Existence,” which aimed to elevate the feminine archetype of the Dominatrix through her arts and challenge the binary gender roles of our current belief system.

We are deeply grateful to Anne O Nomis for her support and invaluable advice during the research and making of our project.

“SEVEN REALMS. A Draft for Renewal” was curated by Victoria Cantos and exhibited at Factoría de Arte y Desarrollo Madrid in 2020.

© Copyright - Lidia de Pedro