ALEGORÍA FANTÁSTICA DE UN PUCHERO QUEBRADO. Abundancia y los cuatro elementos, 2023

This multidisciplinary project integrates sculpture, ceramics, screen printing, poetry, and various symbolic elements to delve into the creative process and the essence of artwork.

The initiative is centered around the meaning of my existence in Alcorcón, my birthplace and home for the first 18 years of my

Drawing inspiration from the rich tradition of female potters in Alcorcón, the project aims to explore the influence of this place on my identity and the intricate connection between individuals and their places of origin.

The project commences with the iconic clay pot, a symbolic representation of the locality, paying homage to my ancestors and immersing itself in the realm of traditional female pottery while offering a personal reinterpretation.

The allegory begins with 16th-century clay pots crafted by women in Alcorcón, symbolizing the alchemical elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. A fifth pot embodies Abundance, while the sixth, the Broken Pot, takes center stage in the proposal.

These symbolic elements intertwine with a still life painted by Luis Egidio Meléndez, verses by Federico García Lorca, and works by Francisco Goya, alongside the research of Yayo Herrero. This amalgamation underscores the relationship with my identity and the broader Spanish identity, delving into the significance of these connections and my intentions moving forward.

The allegory marks the inception of an extensive proposal, the outcome of which remains uncertain.

‘“A brief tale that narrates the journey of a broken Spanish pot, a tribute to the skilled
women potters of Alcorcón, and a humble exercise in historical memory.”

© Copyright - Lidia de Pedro