TO THE MOON!, 2014

In 2014, I presented a project and solo exhibition titled “To the Moon!” at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery in Soho, London.

The showcase included paintings, lights, mirror and glass projections, and sounds, all aimed at exploring our connection to money and power. The objective was to unravel the complex narratives and systems behind these concepts.

The auditory component of the exhibit, created by sound designer Daan Hendriks, sought to capture the fluctuations of the financial world—melding chaos, fear, and unbridled optimism. Various animal sounds symbolized the natural instincts involved in human trading.

One painting specifically celebrated the phrase “To the moon!” often exclaimed by crypto traders during price surges. This artwork also delved into the enigmatic origins of Bitcoin and its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Elements within the piece represented cryptocurrency terms, such as a “bull market” signifying rising prices. Characters like “Man wearing a dog mask fishing for dogecoin” and “Trollbox” represented the playful and social aspects of the crypto world, while pieces like “Fishing Bait, Inflation” and “Cryptocurrency Addiction” explored the psychological and economic dimensions of the subject.

“To the Moon!” offered a journey into finance, power, and the evolving world of cryptocurrencies. Through the fusion of visuals and sounds, the exhibition aimed to prompt contemplation on how our economic narratives evolve and how emerging technologies can reshape our world.

© Copyright - Lidia de Pedro