X is Good


“X es bueno” was a site specific archive of fictional documentation for the farm of Can Tiro.

Abandoned for over twenty years at the heart of the heavily exploited island of Mallorca, this charming site was inhabited, cleaned and restored by a group of neighbours in order to bring it back to life through a programme of cultural and political activities.

In the autumn of 2014, Clara Garcia Fraile and me, visual artist Lidia de Pedro chose this as their residence to work collaboratively for the first time. We worked on collecting fragments of previous lives intertwining with the present and our own imaginations to create a mixed media exhibition.

The outcome: an audio walk through pigsties, stables, horse cemeteries, a desert and an enchanted forest, leading into a cellar, papered in photographs taken by me in Can Tiro…

A rhizomatic piece of visual, philosophical and auditive memory of resistance, dreams, readings, lives and deaths.

A few weeks later, inhabitants got evicted, doors locked and forests cut down… so long Can Tiro.

Deviced and created by Clara García Fraile and me, Lidia de Pedro.

Photos by Lidia de Pedro.

© Copyright - Lidia de Pedro