‘Gods smiles on us,
his most devoted fans love him very much.
Rebirth and other topics’

In 2009, I received an invitation from Brighton’s gallery, Ink-d, to present my solo exhibition titled “THE BEST MAN & CO.”

The showcase comprised limited edition silkscreen prints, ten original pieces, as well as textile and perspex sculptures.

Exploring the intricate relationship between divinity and human devotion, each artwork in the exhibition served as a visual narrative. The immersive experience was heightened by the diverse range of mediums employed, delving into the complexities of life, spirituality, and the cynical nature of humanity.

Distinguished by its ability to evoke thought and emotion through humour, the exhibition harnessed the transformative power of irony to shape perceptions and spark meaningful conversations.

All exhibited pieces, such as ‘Tripping Om,’ ‘Flower Power,’ ‘Pig’s Bay,’ ‘Iron Maiden,’ ‘Never Ending,’ ‘The Brain Eaters,’ ‘Eating Machine,’ ‘Cheers!,’ ‘The Bloodsucker,’ ‘The Best Man,’ ‘Give Me Poison, I Wanna Die,’ ‘Fresh Meats,’ and ‘My Sweetie, were sold.

© Copyright - Lidia de Pedro